MFJ 79 “Re:presentation”

Spring 2024

The act of representation, whether filming new material or reframing archival material, concurrently makes a subject both visible and abstract. And as a time-based medium, moving image works carry another dimension of representation, the context created by montage, of the images that come before and after, and the sum of all images in a single work. This plasticity of meaning on multiple interconnected levels means every artistic choice is also a political choice. What to represent, and how, are the core questions of any filmmaking endeavor, and experimental film in particular tends to not only provide unconventional answers, but also to rephrase the questions entirely.

The filmmakers and writers featured in this issue–highly aware, keenly political, exploring the boundaries between art and reality–rethink questions of representation in ways that are equally timeless and particularly vital to this moment.


Excerpted from Vince Warne’s Introduction MFJ 79 “Re:presentation” (Spring 2024).





Vince Warne



Semi-Conducting Hand-Held Moons eteam and lololol
Natasha Chuk

Methods of Discourse: Mimesis Documentary Festival 2023
Paul Echeverria

Crossroads of Memory: Lotty Rosenfeld
Camila Galaz

Here the Earth Grows Old: Suneil Sanzgiri (Notes and Citations)
Ally Luo

Critique in Liminality: Ana Vaz’s It’s Night in America
Santasil Mallik

Jacolby Satterwhite: Metta Prayer
Vince Warne



Federico Windhausen (ed.), A Companion to Experimental Cinema
Nicky Hamlyn

Peter Delpeut, Jonas Mekas, Shiver of Memory
Dara Waldron



Gifts From Friends
Jessica Sarah Rinland



The Formalist Imperative: Films by James Benning and Kevin Jerome Everson
Rachel Hutcheson

Circuit Bent: Joshua Gen Solondz, We Don’t Talk Like We Used To
Joel Schlemowitz

Genre Out of Sorts: Inside Out (Notes and Citations)
Rachel Valinsky

Bodiless in Space: Aria Dean’s Abattoir, U.S.A! (Notes and Citations)
Vera Dika



“Fool me once…” Christopher Jason Bell’s Miss Me Yet
Will DiGravio

Marie Menken’s World: A Glorious Bewilderment: Marie Menken’s Visual Variations on Noguchi (Notes and Citations)
Grahame Weinbren

On Mass Effect (Notes and Citations)
Daniel Moore

Studio Visit: Wayne Koestenbaum’s Cinematic Sweetmeats
Nicholas Gamso



Temporary Utopias: An Interview with Ben Balcom
Clint Enns

Inside Looking Out: A Conversation with Morgan Quaintance (Notes and Citations)
Will Hair

White Women Are A Curse Against Their Sex: A Conversation with Kathryn Ramey
Sarah Keller & Yangqiao Lu



Phill Niblock
Carl Stone

Vincent Grenier
Joanna Kiernan


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