The Millennium Film Journal is dedicated to artists’ cinema, where the term “cinema” includes all technologies of the moving image. All parties interested in advanced or regressive cinema are encouraged to submit proposals for articles, reviews, manifestos, schemas, remembrances and other texts for consideration by the Editorial Board of the Millennium Film Journal.

Please send your submission (after reviewing the guidelines below) to You can also send us physical documents at our address below:

The Editors
Millennium Film Journal
c/o Grahame Weinbren
119 West 22nd Street, 3rd Floor
New York, N.Y. 10011

Submission Guidelines

  • If you wish to write for the MFJ, send a short proposal to Include the word “submission” in the subject line of your email. A reply can be expected in a few weeks, including a first draft deadline if the editors express interest in the proposal. Do not send full length texts.


  • Text length limits
    Articles: 3000 words
    Interviews: 4000 words
    Reviews: 800 words
    Remembrances: 300 words


  • The Millennium Film Journal is highly illustrated. Our picture editor researches, obtains and clears rights for publication of images, and we appreciate any help authors can offer in finding image sources. Writers may recommend or submit images, but it is not required.


  • Do not embed images in your text. If images are submitted, include copyright information.


  • Formatting is determined by the MFJ design team.


  • References, if necessary, should be embedded within the text. If required, footnotes are published on the MFJ website with text and QR code links in the print and E-Book / PDF versions.


  • Since the MFJ cannot guarantee compensation, authors retain rights to their text but not the layout. The MFW cannot transfer rights for the republication of images. Millennium Film Journal requests acknowledgement if a text is republished.