About Millennium Film Journal.

The Millennium Film Journal is a bi-annual publication dedicated to artists’ moving image and experimental media.

The bi-annual Millennium Film Journal has been in print since 1978. As the longest-running publication devoted to artists’ moving image, its unique focus has garnered a committed global following including art, film and visual culture enthusiasts.

The mission of the Millennium Film Journal is to provide in-depth, primary source information in multiple formats focused on a field that is rapidly becoming a bellwether for the culture of the 21st century. The current editorial board includes Senior Editor Grahame Weinbren, Editor-at-Large Jonathan Ellis, Contributing Editors Kim Knowles, Nicky Hamlyn, Nicholas Gamso, Camila Galaz, and Managing Editor Vincent Warne, all talented, experienced writers and practitioners.

The MFJ documents the multiple transformations of the moving image in the hands of artists. Writers from around the world describe, analyze, historicize, and track artist projects designed for the White Cube or the Black Box, for massive public displays or for private screens. MFJ’s coverage extends from analog and digital experimental film, to video art and media projects, artworks exhibited as installations or screenings, in festivals and museums, galleries, art fairs and studios, in Times Squares and Piccadilly Circuses, including works from the earliest days of the pre-cinematic into the possibly non-objective future. Operating across multiple platforms, in addition to print, E-Book and PDF formats, the MFJ also projects a highly visible presence on social media and in internationally distributed email newsletter bulletins.

The magazine features exclusive reviews, in-depth articles addressing current and historical issues, interviews with moving image practitioners, Artist Pages and Studio Visits commissioned for the publication. Texts are presented in an elegant contemporary design with numerous frame enlargements, production stills, and installation documentations. Supplementary material on our website includes video essays composed by writer/filmmakers. MFJ editors program regular screenings of works addressed in the journal, presented in partnership with Anthology Film Archives, the School of Visual Arts, and other venues.

The MFJ is affiliated with the non-profit tax exempt Millennium Film Workshop, a center of production and exhibition activity. The Workshop was founded in 1967 by a group of filmmakers with a vision to expand accessibility to the tools, ideas, and networks of filmmaking beyond the confines of institutions and corporate studios. It has supported and exhibited countless prominent filmmakers since the early 70s and continues to play a major role in dismantling the financial and educational barriers separating the art and craft of filmmaking from the general public.