MFJ 58 “The Magazine of Artists’ Cinema Since 1978” – 35th Anniversary, Vol.1

Fall 2013


Three and a half decades have passed since the first issue of the Millennium Film Journal, which was founded in 1978 to address a dearth of writing and few publication opportunities in an increasingly vibrant, but insistently anti-establishment, field. Needless to say, during this 35 years there have been huge developments in the conception, construction and exhibition of moving images, as well as an explosion of interest in works outside the mainstream cinema by curators, critics, scholars and the non-specialist general public. To celebrate the anniversary, we contacted experts in the field with a deliberately amorphous call for papers, asking simply for a consideration of some aspect of the artists’ cinema during the 35 years of the journal’s publication.








David Curtis
On the Search for Ideal Viewing Conditions

Maeve Connolly
Shared Viewing Moving Images in the Cinema and Museum

Erica Levin
Toward a Social Cinema Revisited:
The potential of social media from À Propos de Nice to YouTube

Peggy Gale
Tipping Point: Canadian artists, time-based media, and performance

Sean Cubitt
Angelic Ecologies: Ideas of environment in the works of media artists

A.L. Rees
Physical Optics: a return to the repressed British cinema artists
revisit 1970s tendencies

Catherine Elwes
Visible Scan Lines: on the transition from analog film and video
to digital moving image



Michele Pierson
The Object of Film Analysis: What are we describing when we analyze film?

Tobias Putrih
Omer Fast
Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller
George Barber
Tina Keane
David Hall
Abigail Child
Henry Hills
Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller
Tom Sherman
Gene Youngblood



Gregory Zinman
Nam June Paik’s TV Crown and Interventionist, Participatory Media Art

Mal Ahern
An Invisible Cinema: Andy Warhol’s Films, In and Out of View

Pavle Levi
Experimental Tango, Appropriation and the photo-book:
Milošević’s Last Tango in Paris and Marinac’s The Passion of Joan of Arc

Juan Carlos Kase
Abigail Child and Henry Hills: Turn Towards the Concrete

Roy Grundmann
Experimental Cinema and the Crystals of Time: Matthias Müller’s Visual Poems

James Hansen
The Fall of Days: Luther Price’s Nine Biscuits (2004-08)

Christa Blümlinger
The Double Paths of Nicolas Rey: On autrement, la Molussie (Differently, Molussia)

Kate Mondloch
Mirror Mirror: MIRROR by Doug Aitken



Bruce Jenkins
In the Bedroom/On the Road: A Conversation with Sadie Benning and James Benning

William Rose
The Responsibility of Forms:
A discussion between David Gatten and Fred Worden on politics in experimental cinema

Tom Sherman
Catching up with the Present: Two Texts to demonstrate the ‘Future’ is Behind Us

Gene Youngblood
Secession from the Broadcast: The Internet and the Crisis of Social Control



Janis Lipzin
Jud Yalkut 1938-2013

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