MFJ 41 “Lesbian and Gay Experimental Cinema / Stan Brakhage Remembrances”

Fall 2003


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Tom Chomont
Artist Page: Your Eyes… our ravaged bodies pierced by light

Cecilia Dougherty
Artist Page

Jim Hubbard
Introduction: A Short Personal History of Lesbian and Gay Experimental Cinema

Lawrence Brose
Artist Page: it ain’t queer unless you’re tied to the pier

Jerry Tartaglia
Notes from the Homo, Underground

Peter Cramer & Jack Waters
Artist Page

Ernest Hardy
Young Soul Rebels: Negro / Queer Experimental Filmmakers

Thomas Allen Harris
Artist Page: Images from E Minha Cara (That’s My Face)

Patty Chang
Artist Page

Eve Oishi
Bad Asians, the Sequel: Continuing Trends in Queer API Film and Video

Ho Tam
Artist Page

Su Friedrich
Artist Page: It Takes Two, Baby

Sarah Schulman
A Thought About Leni Riefenstahl, Maya Deren, and Gay and Lesbian Film

Barbara Hammer
Artist Page

James Wentzy
Artist Page

Roger Hallas
The Resistant Corpus: Queer Experimental Film and Video and the Gay Epidemic

Christopher Chong
Artist Page

Scott Berry
Size Matters: Microcinemas and Alternative Exhibition Spaces

F/X (Fabiola Torres and Ximina Cuevas)
Artist Page: She faced a decision that someday may be yours to make

Del LaGrace Volcano
Artist Page: Just call me H E R M



Larry Jordan
My Travels with Stan

Carolee Schneemann
… Continue in this Unknowable…

Robert Kelly
Brakhage, Spoken in Memory

Bruce Baillie

David James

Paul Arthur

Kathryn Elder
Stan Brakhage: A ‘Quiller’ Man

Tony Pipolo
Riding with Stan

Steve Anker
Brakhage Reminiscences

Bruce Elder

Ken Jacobs
Letter to Phil Solomon and Statement Spoken at AMMI and Millennium Memorials

M. M. Serra
Flowers for Brakhage

Phil Solomon
A Remembrance for Stan Brakhage

Jonas Mekas

Dominic Angerame

Howard Guttenplan

Jonas Mekas

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Fall Issue, October 2003




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