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MFJ 76 “Worlds”

Fall 2022

Central to Millennium Film Journal 76 is a collection of texts commissioned by guest editor Barbara London, the founder of the Video-Media Exhibition and Collection Programs of  the New York Museum of Modern Art. Her dossier, “Focal Points”,  provides an impression of political and artistic worlds beyond US- and Eurocentric institutions and movements. Throughout the issue, authors are attentive to the way film and filmmakers engage with Worlds: those of media culture, geo-political hotspots (Hong Kong), and more generally the political-cultural and post-colonial linguistic formations (Singapore) of the various countries and cities in which these artists operate.  

A dozen distinguished media theorists and critics have contributed reviews of exhibitions, new books, films, video works and installations, including the 2022 EMAF and Media City festivals, practitioners Jonas Mekas, Alisi Telengut, Walid Raad, Sarah Bliss, Abraham Ravett, David Claerbout.

The full introduction by Nicky Hamlyn is available here.








Nicky Hamlyn



Barbara London

Friends of Minamata Victims: Video Diary and the Knot of Fujiko Nakaya’s Early Video Practice (Notes and Citations)
Nina Horisaki-Christens

The City is but a Dreamscape: The Temporalities of Liu Yujia (Notes and Citations)
Ellen Larson

Jiang Zhuyun’s Investigations (Notes and Citations)
Anthony Yung



Barbara London Calling: Interview with Bani Haykal
Barbara London

nusantara pessimism / a not-so mani(s)festo
Bani Haykal



Sarah Bliss: Unless You’re Living It
David Bendiksen

The Moving Picture Show
Natasha Chuk

Media of Devotion: Four Films by Alisi Telengut (Notes and Citations)
Chris Dymond

Farewell Rehearsals
Mike Hoolboom

Recent Films by Abraham Ravett
Jan-Christoph Horak

Walid Raad: Comrade Leader, Comrade Leader, How Nice To See You
Andrzej Jachimczyk

Media City Film Festival 25th Edition
Chris Kennedy

Jonas Mekas: The Camera Was Always Running (Notes and Citations)
Kaya Turan

David Claerbout: Dark Optics
Barbara London

Enchantment / Spells / Murders: European Media Art Festival (Continued Online Review)
Grahame Weinbren



Simon Payne and Andrew Vallance (eds.), Film Talks: 15 Conversations on Experimental Cinema
Luke Aspell

David Curtis, Artists’ Film
Simon Payne



Takahiko Iimura
Lynne Sachs

Amy Halpern
Mark Toscano

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