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MFJ 16/17/18 “Millennium Film Workshop: 20th Anniversary”

Fall 1986 / Winter 1987


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Paul Arthur
The Last of the Last Machine?: Avant-Garde Film Since 1966

Stan Brakhage
Stan Brakhage at Millennium: November 4, 1977

Peter Broderick
Since Cinema Expanded: Interview with Gene Youngblood

Giuliana Bruno
Women in Avant-Garde Film: An Interview with Annette Michelson

Fred Camper
The End of Avant-Garde Film

Noel Carroll
A Brief Comment on Frampton’s Notion of Metahistory

Lisa Cartwright and Peter Gidal
Rose Lowder’s Composed Recurrence

Mary Ann Doane
The Retreat of Signs and the Failure of Words: Leslie Thornton’s Adynata

Hollis Frampton
A Letter to Brakhage

Hollis Frampton
Three Talks at Millennium

Tom Gunning
Signaling through the Flames: Ernie Gehr’s Signal-Germany on the Air

Lindley Hanlon and Tony Pipolo
Interview with Ken and Flo Jacobs

Bruce Jenkins
Gently Down the Stream

Joanna Kiernan
Films by Valie Export

Malcolm Le Grice and P. Adams Sitney, ed. by Noel Carroll
Narrative Illusion vs. Structural Realism

Stuart Liebman
Paul Sharits S:TREAM:S:S:ECTION:S:ECTION:S:S:ECTIONED: Paradigm Lost, or Adventures of the Dialectic

Carey Lovelace
The Gender and Case of Carolee Schneemann

Scott MacDonald
The Millennium After Twenty Years: An Interview with Howard Guttenplan

Tony Pipolo and Grahame Weinbren
A Montage of Voices: Twenty Years of Filmmakers’ Statements

Tony Pipolo and Lindley Hanlon
Interview with Ken and Flo Jacobs

David Rodowick
Modernism, Epistemology, and Politics

P. Adams Sitney
Saugus Series

Amy Taubin
Not Reconciled

Grahame Weinbren
Film Space: An Outline Study

Peter Wollen
Landscape, Meteorology, and Chris Welsby

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