MFJ 10/11 “Dance / Movement / Performance / Theater”

Fall 1981 / Winter 1982





Mindy Aloff
Film Translations of Meredith Monk’s Work

Adina Armelagos
Yoshiko Chuma: Knocking, Chomping, and Bumping

Sally Banes
Theatre of Operations: Stuart Sherman’s Fifteen Films

Jonathan Buchsbaum
Sleepless Nights

Noel Carroll
Causation, the Ampliation of Movement, and Avant-Garde Film

Ping Chong
Performance and Film: A Statement

David Davidson
Myths and Texts: Joanna Kiernan’s Dream Work

Kathryn Elder
Report from Toronto

Jean Epstein, trans. Stuart Liebman

S. Ann Estevez
George Landow’s Marriage Broker Jokes

Lucy Fischer
Rabbit’s Moon: The Pierrot Figure in Theater, Painting, and Film

Tom Gunning
Doctor Jacobs’ Dream Work

Lindley Hanlon
LeWitt/Childs/Glass: Film/Dance/Music

Deborah Jowett
Dune Dance

E. Ann Kaplan
Night at the Opera: Investigating the Heroine in Sally Potter’s Thriller

H. B. Kronen
From Cimabue to Cunningham: A Discussion with Richard Lorber

Mindy N. Levine
An Interview with Pooh Kaye

Richard M. Levine
Jack Chambers’ Hart of London

Stuart Liebman
Introduction to Jean Epstein’s ‘Cine-Mystique’

Scott Macdonald
Plumb Line

Gina Marchetti and Keith Tishken
An Interview with Scott B. and Beth B.

Martin F. Norden
The Use of Sound in Francis Thompson’s N.Y.,N.Y.

Christopher Sharrett
Epiphany for Modernism: Anti-Illusionism and Theatrical Tradition in Syberberg’s Our Hitler

Larry Simon
Music and Film: An Interview with Michael Nyman

Sally R. Sommer
Robert Wilson’s Video 50

Robert Stam
Jean-Luc Godard’s Sauve Qui Peut (la Vie)

Marita Sturken
Interview with Robyn Brentano and Andrew Horn

David Vaughan
Locale: The Collaboration of Merce Cunningham and Charles Atlas

Joao Luiz Vieira
Tropical Disease: Towards Development of an Alternative Cinema in Venezuela

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