Fall 2023

In the still-rippling wake of Covid, with increasing automation and atomization in the workforce, the rising omnipresence of AI, and the rapidly evolving collective organism of the internet, one could make a case that we finally have arrived at The Future. But without much fanfare, and certainly without maps or instructions. The experience of daily life has shifted so far for so many, and in the midst of this new reality, the relationship between real and representation has never been more fraught—all the way down to the atomic unit of our communication era, the image.

The pieces in this issue oscillate between temporally polarized generations, their movement speaking alternately to the past and future of moving image media.

Excerpted from Vince Warne’s Introduction to Millennium Film Journal No. 78 (Fall 2023)






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Line Describing a Cone installation view at S8 Mostra de Cinema Periférico, A Coruña, 2023, Copyright: María Meseguer

Between the analytical and the sensorial, Film as conceptual performance: A conversation with Anthony McCall

Read Arindam Sen’s interview with Anthony McCall.

Elsaesser _Home ... _ film still

EMAF 2022 Continued: Commentary on Selected Works

Read Grahame Weinbren’s European Media Art Festival (EMAF) 2022 online review. This is a continuation of a printed review in MFJ 76 “Worlds”.

Bruce Baillie, Commute (1995), frame enlargement.


Read Paul Arthur’s journey with Bruce Baillie’s 1995 video portrait “Commute.” This article was published in MFJ No. 29 “Video Installation.”


Shared Resources

Read Carmine Grimaldi’s in-depth review of Jordan Lord’s 2021 documentary “Shared Resources.” This article was published in MFJ No. 75 “Boundaries.”

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