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MFJ 12 “Regional Reports / Feminism”

Fall 1982 / Winter 1983





Paul Arthur
L.A. and the Machined Image

Noel Carroll
Amy Taubin’s Bag

David Davidson
Warren Sonbert’s Noblesse Oblige

Tom Gunning
The Critique of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes: Ernie Gehr’s Untitled (1976)

Lindley Hanlon
Female Rage: The Films of Su Friedrich

Dale Jamieson
Rocky Mountain Formalism: Avant-Garde Film in Colorado

Larry Jordan
Survival in the Independent Non-Commercial Avant-Garde Experimental
Personal Expressionist Film Market of 1982

E. Ann Kaplan
Appropriating the Heroine: An Analysis of Mulvey’s and Wollen’s Amy

E. Ann Kaplan
Theories and Strategies of the Feminist Documentary

Ernest Larson
The Last Days of Pompeii: Louis Hock’s Southern California

Stuart Liebman
The Presents of Michael Snow

Harvey Nosowitz
View of Chicago

Tony Pipolo
Anita Thacher’s Sea Travels

Thelma Schenkel
The Man Who Could See Far

David Vaughan
Channels/Inserts: Cunningham and Atlas (Continued)

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