MFJ 4/5 “Politics / Landscape”

Summer / Fall 1979






Paul Arthur
Structural Film: Revisions, New Versions, and the Artifact Part Two

Bela Balazs, trans. Mel Gordon
Build An International Union of Revolutionary Cinema

Richard Bartone
The Forms of Repetition: Larry Gottheim’s Four Shadows

Yvette Biro
Landscape During the Battle

William Boddy and Jonathan Buchsbaum
Cinema in Revolt: Newsreel

Christine Noll Brinckmann and Grahame Weinbren
The O’Neill Landscape: Four Scenes from Foregrounds

Noel Carroll
Avant-Garde Film and Film Theory

Phoebe Cohen
Brakhage’s Sincerity III

Wendy Dozoretz
Robert Nelson’s Suite California Stops and Passes

Sue Ann Estevez
Bruce Baillie’s Roslyn Romance (Is It Really True?)

Anne Friedberg
Misconception=The Division of Labor in The Childbirth Film

Lester D. Friedman
An Interview with Peter Wollen and Laura Mulvey on Riddles of the Sphinx

Mel Gordon
German Workers’ Films 1919-32: Some Thoughts About the Red Front in Film

Larry Gottheim
Sticking in/to the Landscape

Leger Grindon
The Films of Peter Hutton

Lindley Hanlon
Arson: A Review of Otherwise Unexplained Fires by Hollis Frampton

David James
Towards a Radical, Popular Cinema: Two Recent Films by Jon Jost

Keith Kelly
Notes for Jerome

Richard Peterson
The Films of Linda Klosky

Bill Simon
A Completely Open Space: Michael Snow’s La Region Centrale

Elena Pinto Simon
Robert Breer’s LMNO

Robert Stam
Brazilian Avant-Garde Cinema from Limite to Red Light Bandit

Jerry Tartaglia
The Gay Sensibility in American Avant-Garde Film

Amy Taubin
And what is a fact anyway? (On a Tape by Martha Rosler)

Melinda Ward
Independent Film in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Grahame Weinbren and Christine Noll Brinckmann
The O’Neill Landscape: Four Scenes from Foregrounds

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