Fang Lu, No World (2014) frame enlargement.


Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003


08 September 2016


7:30 PM – 9:05PM

AFA Screening: MFJ 63 “Exchanges & Convergences"

Program Notes.

Filmmaker FANG LU will attend the screening in person!

In concert with her article, “Video Bureau, A Report from China,” published in the most recent issue of the Millennium Film Journal No.63 “Exchanges & Convergences (Spring 2016), Ellen Zweig has curated this special one-program survey of Chinese video art, including work from China and Taiwan. Beginning with Chen Tong’s DON’T LET YOUR EYES DECEIVE YOU, a humorous exploration of what it means to create an institution, and including works by Fang Lu, Li Xiaofei, Zhou Tao, and others, the selection represents a wide-range of styles, from documentary to performance video.

Based in Beijing and Guangzhou, Video Bureau is an artist-run not-for-profit organization focused on archiving video artworks and related material including writings, images, proposals, and installation plans, in order to build a database for researchers, writers, students, artists, and collectors.

Selected and presented by Millennium Film Journal senior editor Grahame Weinbren and Ellen Zweig.

All works in Chinese with English subtitles.


Chen Tong DON’T LET YOUR EYES DECEIVE YOU (2015, 11 min, digital)

Fang Lu NO WORLD (2014, 18 min, digital)


Li Ming SWORDSMAN – HAHAHAHAH (2011, 3.5 min, digital)

Tsui Kuang-yu INVISIBLE CITY: TAIPARIS YORK (2008, 5 min, digital)

Ma Qiusha SATIE BLUES (2004, 4 min, digital)

Li Xiaofei A CART OF COAL (2014, 11 min, digital)

Zhou Tao SOUTH STONE (2011, 25.5 min, digital)

Total running time: ca. 95 min.

Anthology Film Archive Film Notes

Program Preview

Fang Lou, No World, enlarged fragment.

HIGHLIGHT I: “Video Bureau 录像局 : A Report From China” by Ellen Zweig

Ellen Zweig discusses her MFJ 63 article on the China-based Video Bureau.

Location Map

This program is partially funded by NYSCA through the Millennium Film Workshop, affiliated with Millennium Film Journal. A big thank you to the Video Bureau.