Surrealist Map of the World with New Zealand at the center (1929)


Weinbren Studio
119 West 22nd Street, #3
New York, NY 10010


27 June 2015


7:30 PM

Weinbren Studio Screening: MFJ 61 “World Views"

Program Notes.

Films from the Polynesian Triangle

The program, from an assemblage of films selected by MARTIN RUMSBY, consists of works primarily by Samoan, New Zealand and Cook Island Maori, moving image artists from the Polynesian Triangle, which extends from New Zealand to Hawaii, from Easter Island to Samoa. All the works are U.S. premieres, and many world premieres made especially for the program. Artists include Leilani Kake, Tanya Ruka, Jeremy Leatinu’u, and Len Lye. The program is based on Martin Rumsby’s “The Ocean is our Prairie,” published in Millennium Film Journal No. 61 “World Views.”

Selected and presented by Millennium Film Journal senior editor Grahame Weinbren.

This program is partially funded by NYSCA through the Millennium Film Workshop, affiliated with Millennium Film Journal.