MFJ Old & New Bundle (Nos. 2, 4/5, 13, 60, 69 & 71/72)


With this bundle, you will receive six diverse MFJ volumes, some recent and some old, to immerse yourself in the world of experimental film at a discount price.

The bundle contains:

MFJ 2 “International Avant-Garde / Structural Film”

MFJ 4/5 “Politics / Landscape”

MFJ 13 “International Reports”

MFJ 60 “Fundamentals”

MFJ 69 “Deep Cuts”

MFJ 71/72 “CRISIS”



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15 April 2019, 15 November 2020, 15 October 2014, August 1979, Fall Issue, February 1979, February 1984, Spring Issue, Summer Issue, Winter Issue


Contents of MFJ 2



Paul Arthur
Structural Film: Revisions, New Versions, and the Artifact

Richard Bartone
Three Films by James Broughton and Joel Singer

Eugeni Bonet
There is an Independent Cinema in Spain, But…,

Noel Carroll
The Cabinet of Dr. Kracauer

Daryl Chin
The Future of an Illusion(ism): Notes on the New Japanese Avant-Garde Film

Scott Cook
Peter Campus at the Whitney

David English
Films by Paul Winkler

Peter Gidal
Talk at Millennium

Birgit Hein
The Avant Garde and Politics

Taka Iimura
On Film-Installation

Keith Kelly
Riddles of the Sphinx: One or Two Things About Her

Malcolm Le Grice and Peter Gidal

Stuart Liebman
Apparent Motion and Film Structure: Paul Sharits Shutter Interface

Anthony McCall and Andrew Tyndall
Sixteen Working Statements

Dominique Noguez
The Experimental Cinema in France

Vicki Peterson
Two Films by Chick Strand

Bill Simon
‘Reading’ Zorns Lemma

Contents of MFJ 4/5



Paul Arthur
Structural Film: Revisions, New Versions, and the Artifact Part Two

Bela Balazs, trans. Mel Gordon
Build An International Union of Revolutionary Cinema

Richard Bartone
The Forms of Repetition: Larry Gottheim’s Four Shadows

Yvette Biro
Landscape During the Battle

William Boddy and Jonathan Buchsbaum
Cinema in Revolt: Newsreel

Christine Noll Brinckmann and Grahame Weinbren
The O’Neill Landscape: Four Scenes from Foregrounds

Noel Carroll
Avant-Garde Film and Film Theory

Phoebe Cohen
Brakhage’s Sincerity III

Wendy Dozoretz
Robert Nelson’s Suite California Stops and Passes

Sue Ann Estevez
Bruce Baillie’s Roslyn Romance (Is It Really True?)

Anne Friedberg
Misconception=The Division of Labor in The Childbirth Film

Lester D. Friedman
An Interview with Peter Wollen and Laura Mulvey on Riddles of the Sphinx

Mel Gordon
German Workers’ Films 1919-32: Some Thoughts About the Red Front in Film

Larry Gottheim
Sticking in/to the Landscape

Leger Grindon
The Films of Peter Hutton

Lindley Hanlon
Arson: A Review of Otherwise Unexplained Fires by Hollis Frampton

David James
Towards a Radical, Popular Cinema: Two Recent Films by Jon Jost

Keith Kelly
Notes for Jerome

Richard Peterson
The Films of Linda Klosky

Bill Simon
A Completely Open Space: Michael Snow’s La Region Centrale

Elena Pinto Simon
Robert Breer’s LMNO

Robert Stam
Brazilian Avant-Garde Cinema from Limite to Red Light Bandit

Jerry Tartaglia
The Gay Sensibility in American Avant-Garde Film

Amy Taubin
And what is a fact anyway? (On a Tape by Martha Rosler)

Melinda Ward
Independent Film in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Grahame Weinbren and Christine Noll Brinckmann
The O’Neill Landscape: Four Scenes from Foregrounds

Contents of MFJ 13



Sally Banes
Imagination and Play: The Films of Ericka Beckman

David Bordwell
Narration and Scenography in the Later Eisenstein

Richard Brender
The Quiet One: Lyric Poetry of the FairDeal

Guiliana Bruno
From Public Virtue to Private Vice: Notes on Italian Independent Cinema

Noel Carroll
Art, Film, and Ideology

Allan Casebier
Ideology and the Image

Joan Copjec
Crystal Gazing: Seeing Red

Peter Gidal
British Avant-Garde Film

Malcolm Le Grice
Some Introductory Thoughts on Gidal’s Films and Theories

Joyce Rheuban
Secret Life: New Films by Hamburg Filmmakers

Larry Simon
Music and Film: An Interview with Philip Glass

Alan Sondheim
Theses on the Inversion of the Cinema

Amy Taubin
The Whitney Biennial: Video

Contents of MFJ 60



Grahame Weinbren



Joel Schlemowitz
Karpotrotter at the Tribeca Film Festival

Caroline Koebel
52nd Ann Arbor Film Festival

J. Ronald Green
Lynne Sachs: Disarming Drift

Susan Felleman
Erika Balsom’s Exhibiting Cinema in Contemporary Art



Kim Knowles
Self-Skilling and Home-Brewing: Some Reflections on Photochemical Film Culture

Pip Chodorov
The Artist-Run Film Labs

Alison Wielgus
Inside the Director’s Studio Screening Room, Art and Avant-Garde Cinema,
and Television’s Pedagogical Impulse

Ara Osterweil
James Turrell, Dreams Beyond Cinema

Joana Pimenta
Serial Chance: Inserts and Intruders



Penelope Spheeris
Bradley Eros and Aline Mare
Robert Schaller
Esther Unis
Joanna Vaude



Faith Holland



Enrico Camporesi and Rinaldo Censi
Single-takes and Great Complexities: A Conversation with Morgan Fisher



Jill Godmilow
Harun Farocki 1944–2014

Contents of MFJ 69



Josh Guilford



Jodie Mack’s The Grand Bizarre
Vincent Warne

Film Nights on the Venice Lido: The Space Between Painting, Film, and the Digital (Notes and Citations)
Vera Dika

Pat O’Neill, The Decay of Fiction (Notes and Citations)
Jennifer Peterson

Memories Silenced, Unspool: Anocha Suwichakornpong’s By The Time it Gets Dark
JinJin Xu

The Image You Missed and Empty Metal at RIDM
Rachel Stevens

Tony Oursler Tear of the Cloud
Annie Dell’Aria

Jack Smith: Art Crust of Spiritual Oasis
Josh Lubin-Levy

Marianna Simnett at the New Museum
Lucea Spinelli

Magic Lantern Film Festival
Antonio Pezzuto

The Necessary Image: On the 64th Flaherty Seminar (Notes and Citations)
Teresa Castro



Pat O’Neill Studio Visit
Grahame Weinbren



Cauleen Smith and Christopher Harris at the 2018 Flaherty Seminar (Notes and Citations)



King’s Speech: On Arthur Jafa’s akingdoncomethas (Notes and Citations)
Soyoung Yoon

The Ecological Cut (Notes and Citations)
Ryan Conrath

Books Received

Contents of 71/72


Grahame Weinbren


Feelings, or Documenting Neighbors in New York: Ja’Tovia Gary, The Giverny Document  (Hyperlinks)
Greg de Cuir Jr

Can and must we make film now? Moving Images, Emergency and Production Porn From Virtual Oberhausen (Notes and Hyperlinks)
Miriam De Rosa

On the Intimacy of Consensual Filmmaking: Burning Lights Competition, Visions du Réel
Sarah Friedland

EASTER MORNING from home: Bruce Conner, EASTER MORNING and LOOKING FOR MUSHROOMS (Notes and Citations)
Johanna Gosse

Ben Rivers’ Now, at Last! (Notes and Citations)
Patrick Harrison

La Frequenza Fantasma (The Ghost Frequency): A film by Chiara Ambrosio
Joel Schlemowitz

The Afterlife of Black Calamities: How Can We Dream Futures After the Collapse of Time? John Akomfrah, The Last Angel of History and The Otolith Group, Hydra Decapita (Notes and Citations)
Jean Hyemin Kim

The Bird Game by Marianna Simnett (co-written by Charlie Fox)
Lucea Spinelli

An Itinerant Becoming: Mother I Am Suffocating, This Is My Last Film About You by Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese (Notes and Hyperlinks)
C . R . Applewhaite

The 2019 Venice Biennale: Views on Goodbye Dragon Inn and BLKNWS
Vera Dika

Krzysztof Wodiczko, Monument (Notes and Citations)
Annie Dell’Aria

Archivos de video comunitario de Oaxaca (Community video archives of Oaxaca) (Notes and Citations)
Charles Fairbanks

Second Negation: Christian Marclay’s 48 War Movies at Paula Cooper Gallery, New York
Andrzej Jachimczyk

Peggy Ahwesh: Cleave Microscope Gallery, New York
Jonathan Ellis

Mediated War as Contemporary Art: Theater of Operations: The Gulf Wars 1991-2011 at MoMA PS1, New York
Nicholas Gamso

Children’s Games by Francis Alÿs (Hyperlinks)
Steven Jacobs

Ecologies — Lost, Found and Continued Screen City Biennial, Stavanger, Norway (Hyperlinks)
Helene Romakin

Onyeka Igwe’s the names have changed, including my own and truths have been altered at Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival
Josh van Biema

Synthetic Cinema: The 21st-Century Movie Machine by Wheeler Winston Dixon, published by Palgrave MacMillan
Justin Remes

American Avant-Garde Cinema’s Philosophy of the In-Between by Rebecca A. Sheehan, published by Oxford University Press
Nathan Lee

Artists’ Moving Image in Britain since 1989, published by Yale University Press
Nicky Hamlyn

A Politics of Joy: Gregory Zinman’s Making Images Move: Handmade Cinema and the Other Arts, published by University of California Press (Notes and Citations)
James Hansen


Inhabiting Impossibility: On Not Curating During the Pandemic (Hyperlinks)
Kim Knowles

Small-File Movies: Saving the Planet, One Pixel at a Time (Notes and Citations)
Laura U. Marks

To Teach Without Touch: Reflections on Distance Teaching (Notes and Citations)
Victoria Duckett, Liz Baulch

Digital Pandemic: Programming and Accessing Artists’ Film During the Lockdown (Notes and Citations)
Enrico Camporesi

Standby Snow: Chronicles of a Heat Wave,Chapter One (Notes and Citations)
Sally Berger

On Jonas Mekas (Notes and Citations)
Amy Herzog

José Val del Omar in Translation (Notes and Citations)
Lluís Alexandre Casanovas Blanco


Shelter-in-Place Survey


Cauleen Smith

The Camera is the Massage (Hyperlinks)
Christina Lammer


The View From Here: Berlin Curators on Showing Video Art During a Pandemic
Eliza Levinson


Bruce Baillie (1931 — 2020)
Steve Anker

Terry Cannon (1953 — 2020)
Adam Hyman with Alison Kozberg

Luther Price (1962 — 2020)
Laurie McKenna

Carolee Schneemann (1939 — 2019)
Kenneth White

Woody Vasulka (1939 — 2019)
Ellen Zweig

Peter Wollen (1938 — 2019)
Victoria Duckett

Books Received


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